Diamond Blades

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General Purpose Diamond Saw Blades

General Purpose Diamond Saw Blades

Ideal for cutting brick, wall, masonry, concrete, gepsym

Masonry Diamond Saw Blades

Concrete Blades

Ideal for pavers, limestone ad other quarry stones, roofing tiles, hard brick — and refractory bricks.

Asphalt Diamond Saw Blades

Asphalt and Green Concrete Blades

Generally used by concrete contractors, demolition contractors, high volume paver contractors

Professional Cutting Diamond Saw Blades

Professional Cutting Blades

With maximum efficiency and value

Concrete Diamond Saw Blades

Masonry Blades

For medium duty cutters, better speed and life

Tile & Porcelain Blades

Tile & Porcelain Blades

Designed for fast, chip free and smooth cutting of a wide range of tile surfaces

Granite Marble Diamond Saw Blades

Granite/Marble Blades

Have extra deep segments that are designed for abrasion resistance and protecting the blade from undercutting

Tuckpoint Blades

Tuck Point Blades

Designed for repairing grout, cleaning, and routing cement mortar between the joints on masonry walls

Diamond Cup Wheels

Cup Wheels

Variety of uses from simple form clean up, concrete and stone shaping, to concrete and stone polishing

Diamond Core Bits

Concrete Core Bits

For drilling concrete and field stone are designed with premium diamond for superior cutting performance and long life

Stone Core Bits & Cup Wheels

Stone core bits & cup wheels

For shaping and drilling stone, granite and marble

Polishing Pads For Granite And Marble

Polishing Pads

For wet use on Granite and Marble Surfaces