HSS Hole Saw Sets

5pc HSS Hole Saw Set
13pc HSS Hole Saw Set (2)
13pc HSS Hole Saw Set
HSS Hole Saw working (2)
HSS Hole Saw working
HSS Hole Saw


  • CNC processed teeth for fast and smooth cutting
  • Constructed from high quality HSS material for strong resistance to impact and good wearing capability
  • Available to work on rough surface
  • Titanium coating available for better resistance to heat and wearing
  • Ejector spring, pilot drill bit and screw are fixed together for all diameters
  • Packed in high quality plastic box / tube, private label service available
Specifications of HSS Hole Saw Sets
5pc HSS hole saw set16 mm / 0.62'', 18.5 mm / 0.72'', 20 mm / 0.78'', 25 mm / 0.98'', 30 mm / 1.18''
13pcs HSS hole saw set16mm/0.63",18mm/0.71", 20mm/0.79", 22mm/0.87", 25mm/0.98", 26mm/1.02", 28mm/1.10", 30mm/1.81", 35mm/1.38", 40mm/1.57", 45mm/1.77", 50mm/1.97", 53mm/2.09"