SDS max Shank Clay Spade Chisel
PH65A Shank Clay Shovel
PH65A Shank Clay Spade Chisel

Clay Spade Chisels


Fully hardened steel body avoids breakage and delivers increases life and durability
Hardened steel design stands up to the toughest daily use For soil removal, hard clay break up and digging
Forged from alloy steel to give a harder blade with great resilience and durability
Correctly hardened and tempered so blade will not shatter when struck hard
For masonry and concrete demolition

Blade TypeBlade WidthShank TypeTotal Length
Clay Spade Chisel110mmSDS max450mm
Clay Spade Chisel110mmPH65A450mm
Clay Spade Chisel Long Type110mmPH65A450mm
Clay Spade Chisel Shovel Type135mmPH65A450mm