Hex Shank Chisels
Hex Shank Chisels
Patented Hex Shank Grooved Point Chisel with Paint
Patented Hex Shank Grooved Flat Chisel with Paint

Hex Shank Chisels


Moil Point Breaker Hammer Bit is ideal for starting holes in concrete slabs and for general chipping and demolition work.
Fully heat treatment improves core strength for maximum durability and extended life.
Forged from superior-grade steel, the working points of our chisels can be re-sharpened for longevity;
Fits all standard 17mm A/F hex-shank drills including Makita HR3520, HM0810, HM0810T & HM1130.

Blade TypeTotal Length
Point280, 600mm
Flat 25mm280, 600mm
Spade 40mm280mm
Point with 2 groove, Patented280, 600mm
Point with 4 groove, Patented280, 600mm
Grooved Flat 25mm, Patented280, 600mm