PH65A Point Chisel
PH65A Flat Chisel
PH65A Gauge Chisel
Patened PH65A Shank Point Chisel with 2 Groove with Paint
Patened PH65A Point Chisel with 4 Groove with Paint
Patened PH65A Flat Chisel with Paint

PH65A Chisels


High quality material and Europe standard heat treatment ensures great hardness for heavy duty demolition work
Fits Harbor Freight 68150 Hitachi H65, H65SA, H65SB, PH65A & Makita 8900N, 8900-S series demolition hammers

Blade TypeTotal Length
Flat 35mm400mm
Point with 2 groove, Patented400mm
Point with 4 groove, Patented400mm
Flat with 2 groove, Patented400mm