SDS max Chisels


Professinal grade
Manufactured from the highest grade chrome, molybdenum steel
Shot-peened, double-tempered finish reduces breakage
Hot isostatically pressed to extend life and resist breakage
SDS max shank fits all SDS-max drive hammers

Blade TypeTotal Length
Point280, 400, 600mm
Flat 25mm280, 350, 400, 460, 600mm
Spade 50mm300, 400, 600mm
Spade 80mm300, 350mm
Spade 115mm300, 350mm
Spade 130mm300, 350mm
Chasing 22-32mm300, 350mm
Tile 50mm300, 350mm
Tile 80mm300, 350mm
Winged 35mm380mm
Toothed 32mm300, 350mm
Turbo Point300, 350mm
Point with 2 groove, Patented280, 400, 600mm
Point with 4 groove, Patented280, 400, 600mm
Flat with 2 groove 25mm, Patented280, 350, 400, 460, 600mm