SDS plus Chisels


Strong and powerful in stone & concrete

High efficiency and large scale demolition work and precise mortising

Long service life due to special tool steel and hardening techniche

Robust, re-sharpenable design

Blade TypeTotal Length
Pen point250,280mm
Flat 20mm140,160,250,280mm
Spade 30mm140,160mm
Spade 40mm250,280mm
Spade 50mm250,280mm
Spade 75mm250,280mm
Spade 115mm250,280mm
Gouge 15-22mm250,280mm
Tile 40mm250,280mm
Tile 75mm165mm
TCT 32mm250,280mm
4 Grooved Point250, 280mm
Grooved Flat 20mm250, 280mm