SDS plus Chisels


SDS plus Chisels Features:

  • Professinal grade
  • Manufactured from the highest grade chrome, molybdenum steel
  • Shot-peened, double-tempered finish reduces breakage
  • Hot isostatically pressed to extend life and resist breakage
  • SDS plus shank fits all SDS-plus drive hammers

NOTE: Not all products are currently listed on our website. If you don’t see the specific product you are looking for, please contact us for assistance.

Item #DescriptionBlade SizeTotal Length
70601001Point Chisel0250mm
70601002Flat Chisel20mm250mm
70601003Wide Flat Chisel40mm250mm
70601004Tile Chisel35mm200mm
70601005Tile Chisel40mm200mm
70601006Tile Chisel50mm200mm
70601007Gouge Chisel22mm250mm
70601008Raking Chisel27mm250mm
70601009Raking Chisel16mm190mm
70601010Teeth Chisel27mm250mm