SDS plus Rebar Cutters
SDS plus Rebar Cutters
SDS plus Rebar Cutters

SDS plus Rebar Cutters


Unique flute geometry with steep spiral removes debris fast
High-quality carbide for long drilling life
Tapered body design provides less weight for smoother drilling
Relief hole dissipates heat and allows for slug removal
For Use With SDS Plus Rotary Hammers Application Drilling Into Rebar Embedded In Concrete (no hammering)

SizeDecimal SizeOverallMax.Flute LengthSizeOverallMax.Flute LengthShank Type
InchEquivalentLg.Drilling Dp.MMLg.Drilling Dp.
3/8"0.375"12"10"3 1/8"10mm300mm250mm80mmSDS Plus
1/2"0.5"12"10"3 1/8"12mm300mm250mm80mmSDS Plus
9/16"0.5625"12"10"3 1/8"14mm300mm250mm80mmSDS Plus
5/8"0.625"12"10"3 1/8"16mm300mm250mm80mmSDS Plus
11/16"0.6875"12"10"3 1/8"18mm300mm250mm80mmSDS Plus
3/4"0.75"12"10"3 1/8"20mm300mm250mm80mmSDS Plus
7/8"0.875"12"10"3 1/8"22mm300mm250mm80mmSDS Plus
1"1"12"10"3 1/8"26mm300mm250mm80mmSDS Plus
1 1/8"1.125"12"10"3 1/8"28mm300mm250mm80mmSDS Plus
1 1/4"1.25"12"10"3 1/8"32mm300mm250mm80mmSDS Plus
1 3/8"1.375"12"10"3 1/8"36mm300mm250mm80mmSDS Plus
1 1/2"1.5"12"10"3 1/8"38mm300mm250mm80mmSDS Plus