HSS Letter Size Straight Shank Jobber Length Drill Bits

HSS Letter Size Straight Shank Jobber Length Drill Bits1

HSS Letter Size Straight Shank Jobber Length Drill Bits Features:

  • Constructed of M2 high speed steel for the best combination of strength, heat resistance, and wear resistance
  • Fully Ground Quality for maximum accuracy and fast chip removal
  • Precision ground cutting edges for fast drilling and perfect finishing
  • Standard 118 degree point for use in wood, metal, and plastic
  • Straight Shank

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Item #DiameterWorking LengthTotal Length
60103ALetter A2-5/8"3-7/8"
60103BLetter B2-3/4"4"
60103CLetter C2-3/4"4"
60103DLetter D2-3/4"4"
60103ELetter E2-3/4"4"
60103FLetter F2-7/8"4-1/8"
60103GLetter G2-7/8"4-1/8"
60103HLetter H2-7/8"4-1/8"
60103ILetter I2-7/8"4-1/8"
60103JLetter J2-7/8"4-1/8"
60103KLetter K2-15/16"4-1/4"
60103LLetter L2-15/16"4-1/4"
60103MLetter M3-1/16"4-3/8"
60103NLetter N3-1/16"4-3/8"
60103OLetter O3-1/16"4-1/2"
60103PLetter P3-1/16"4-5/8"
60103QLetter Q3-1/16"4-3/4"
60103RLetter R3-1/16"4-3/4"
60103SLetter S3-1/2"4-7/8"
60103TLetter T3-1/2"4-7/8"
60103ULetter U3-5/8"5"
60103VLetter V3-5/8"5"
60103WLetter W3-3/4"5-1/8"
60103XLetter X3-3/4"5-1/8"
60103YLetter Y3-7/8"5-1/8"
60103ZLetter Z3-7/8"5-1/4"